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Today's Yog

There are five important elements in Panchang in which one of them is Yog. Yog is decided with the help of the moon and sun. The Yog in which a person is born has the qualities accordingly. It is calculated through the longitude of sun and moon. A person has a very strong impact of yog. Like how the person will perform any work, his behaviour, his types of qualities etc. To check out these factors Yog is analysed. In Panchang Yog is made up with the help of sun and moon and it is of 27 types. Their names are as follows.

1.Vishkumbh 2.Priti 3.Aayushman 4.soubhagya 5.Shobhan 6.Atigand 7. Sukarma 8.Ghrati 9.Shool 10.Gand 11.Vriddhi 12.Dhruv 13.VyaGhat 14.Harshal 15.Vadka 16.Sidhhi 17.Vyatipaat 18.Variyaan 19.Paridhi 20.Shiv 21.Sidhh 22.Sadhya 23.Shubh 24.Shukla 25.Brahma 26.Endra 27.Vaighrati


What are Ashubh Yog

Out of these 27 Yog, 9 Yog has been considered as ashubh or inauspicious in which doing any work is prohibited. Let us know in detail What are the AshubhYog is.

Vishkumbha Yog

As the name itself tells, this is filled with poison and this yog is totally prohibited for doing any work. It can be explained as a container full of poison. Any work done in this yog gives ashubh fal or negative results.

Atigand Yog

This is also very unlucky and is prohibited for doing any work. Doing any work gives dissatisfaction and is harmful. Travelling in this Yog is considered very unlucky and having done so it gives very dangerous results.

Shool Yog

Any work completed in this Yog gives pain like a thorn in future. If you try to come out of that after performing the work then also, it will harm like a thorn and give pain and difficulty in the body.


Work performed in this Yog is full of obstacles. The work never becomes successful and time gets wasted. Working in this Yog gives rise to arguments and issues which are never solved. People are always stuck in this yog so before starting any work this needs to be taken care of.

Vyaghata Yog

Any work completed in this yoga always keeps the person in trouble like a block. That work can and hit us negatively anytime. So this Yog is considered very unlucky and should be avoided completely.

Vajra Yog

A person should never buy any vehicle in this Yog. If you will buy any vehicle then it will definitely harm you or put you in trouble. It can lead to accidents, so neither a person should buy any vehicle nor should travel. Purchasing clothes, jewellery etc should also be avoided.

Vyatipata Yog

In this Yog if a person starts new work then he has to face heavy losses or arguments and issues with a partner so it should be taken care of.


This Yog is always called as very inauspicious but if a person will work against his enemy then he will get success, so this yog should only be used to work against the enemy.

Vaidhriti Yog

In this yog person should be avoided to travel.Only those work which are stable in nature can be done but traveling is strictly prohibited.

What are ShubhYog

Let us discuss about the ShubhYog which gives positive results

Priti Yog

In this Yog sweet and harmonious relationship and good coordination is there between the people. Doing Love marriage is suggested in this Yog. Convincing angry friends and meeting the people is also beneficial in this Yog.


This is also considered very positive and whatever works are performed in this Yog have long lasting effects. A person gets longer in age. This Yog is very important.

Saubhagya Yog

Customs like marriages are performed in this Yog. Person who does these rituals in saubhagya yog always remains happy. The married life is always full of joy and happiness which has been done in this Yog. In this  yog, construction of a new home is also considered lucky.

Shobhan Yog

For travelling this is considered as the best Yog. For traveling and doing any sort of auspicious work is very useful and beneficial in this Yog.

Sukarma Yog

If a person wants to start a new job in this yog then it becomes very fruitful and full of growth for his career. To initiate a new job or business this is very beneficial.

Dhruti Yog

As clear from the name any work related to land like purchasing a new home,bhumi Pujan or construction of home can be done in this Yog. All these works give positive results in this Yog.

Vriddhi Yog

Any work done in this vriddhi Yog always results in growth and development. It brings lots of happiness in the person’s life and gives speedy increment to the work.

Dhruv Yog

Construction of a house or any work related to home is considered lucky in this Yog. But Purchasing vehicle is prohibited.

Harshan Yog

This yog brings lots of happiness and prosperity in the life of a person. It is a very auspicious Yog.

Siddhi Yog

This is also very lucky and specious. If you do any work at the time the chances of getting success increases a lot. This yog is also called as the yog connected with God.

Varian Yog

This Yog is considered very positive and you can start any kind of work in this Yog.

Shiv yog

This is connected with Lord shiva and is very beneficial. Any work started in this Yog always gets success.

Sidhha Yog

Like Siddhi Yog this Yog is also important. It is very auspicious yog and gives good results.

Sadhya Yog

This is associated with Sadhna. Any kind of Sadhna or meditation can be started in this Yog. This is also connected with the study of children. If the child starts his studies or education in this Yog then it gives very good results.


Doing good work in Shubh yog gives growth and positive energy to the person and he gets recognition and popularity in his field.

Shukla Yog

This Yog is associated with Chandrama or Moon. It is also like ShubhYog and any work can be started in this to get good results.

Brahma Yog

Any kind of differences, fight, issues or arguments should be solved in this Braham yog. By doing this, the person will easily win the battle in his favor.

Indra yog

Indra Yog is also beneficial for doing any work. One important thing which needs to be remembered is to do the work in daytime only because this yog is effective in day time only and does not start work at night.

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Today's Tithi

According to Astrology, Tithi means to measure the distance between the sun and the moon. The distance between the sun and the moon or the distance that forms between them is called the Tithi.

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Shubh Muhurat

In Hindu religion Shubh Muhurat is always decided before starting any work. Whenever we want to do any work,we look for the favourable position of nakshatra and Chandrama to get the Shubh Muhurat so that we can get fruitful results. Any work without shubh muhurat is not considered lucky. According to astrology, work done according to Shubh Muhurat always gives lucky results, whereas work done against the shubh muhurat gives unfavourable results due to which it has its own importance. In Hindu calendar muhurat has its own place wherein Panchang everyday hazards on muhurat.

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Rahu Kaal

As specified from the name ,RahuKaal is not suitable for doing any work. If you look at the image of RahuKaal then there is a snake on head. This name itself clarifies that this time is not suitable for humans.

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Today's Karna

The Karan has a special importance inside the Panchang. You must know of this fact that without the Karan, an auspicious muhurat is neither made nor seen.

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Today's Nakshatra

The universal path around the sun in the sky is called the Kranti Vrat, the planets and the cycles are seen moving around it, there are 12 groups of light beams (prakash punj) in the Kranti Vrat and these are called the zodiac signs.

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Today's Vaar

Panchang is considered  day wise. There are seven days in Panchang - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. All the days of a week are considered as war. Time.

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Today's Yog

There are five important elements in Panchang in which one of them is Yog. Yog is decided with the help of the moon and sun. The Yog in which a person is born has the qualities accordingly.

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In english language Tyohaar is known as a Festival. Festival plays a very important role in Hindu religion and all other religions across India. Festivals symbol of happiness and joy which brings cheerfulness in life.

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