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If we divide the the word Panchang then it is made up of Panch + Ang = Panchang which means Five Parts. In general language the meaning of panchang is calendar followed by people in Hindu religion. Currently the calendar which we use as home represents Western civilization whereas Panchang is a calendar of Hindu religion. In which five things are very important. Based on the calculation of those five components, the panchang calendar is formed. In Hindu calendar Panchang is made up with calculation in which following five components are included which are as follows - Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan. Panchang is based on these five components. Hindu panchang is divided into three different formats or dhaara. First Dhaara is chandra or Moon which means on the basis of dates of moon, panchang is made. Second one is on the basis of of the situation of Nakshatra and third one is sun based Calendar formation.


Today's Panchang

According to the history of Hindu Calender, the place of Vikram Samvat in Panchang has always remained very important. Vikramsamvat was regarded as the most accurate calendar for calculation.

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Today's Horoscope

The best way to start your day is by reading our daily horoscope from a trustworthy source. You can get that from our Astro Only as the horoscope provides you with an accurate and authentic description about your sun sign.

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There are 12 months in Panchang and every month has two Paksha of 15 days each which are known as ShuklaPaksha and Krishna Paksha. There are two Ayan in a year. In these two Ayan, 27 nakshatras revolve. The tradition of 12 months in a year and 7 days in a week was started from Vikram Samvat. Each month's calculation is based on the speed of sun and moon. When sun is entered into a particular sun sign, sankranti is celebrated. Whereas months are named on the basis of entering of moon in any Nakshatra on purnima. Moon based year in comparison to Sun based year is 11 days 3 hour and 48 second, therefore every year one month is added in in it which is named as adhik Maas Mal Maas or Purushottam Maas. Each month has 30 days. Shuklapaksha and Krishna Paksh is divided on the basis of moon or Chandrama. A single day is known as Tithi which can be between 19 hours to 24 hours on the basis of Panchang. Each day is divided in to 24 hours and eight pehar. Each pehar consists of 3 hours.

Five components of Panchang

Hindu calendar which is called as Panchang has five main factors which needs to be considered or we can say that it is made up by the combination of five components which are known as tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan. Let us know about all the five components and how does they work and how are they used in Panchang


One kala of the moon is known as Tithi. 1 tithi is formed by the difference of moon and sun through the addition of 12 degrees. When there is a difference of 180 degrees then it is known as Purnima and when this difference is of 0 to 360 degrees then that time is known as unnecessary or anavashyak. One month has approximately 33 in which 15 are Krishna Paksh and 15 are Shukla Paksha. Their names are as follows - first is pratipada, second is dwitiya, third is tritiya, fourth one is Chaturthi , fifth is panchmi, sixth is Shasthi, seventh is Saptami, eights is Ashtami, 9th is Navmi, tenth is dashmi, eleventh is ekadashi, twelth is dwadashi, thirteenth is trayodashi, fourteenth is chaturdashi, and fifteenth is purnima. It is known as Shuklapaksha. In the same way there is Krishna paksha which has fourteen tithi in which purnima the last tithi is known as amavasya.


Duration between two sun rises is known as vaar. There are seven vaar - Ravivar, Somvar, Mangalvar, Budhvar, Guruvar, Shukravar and Shanivar.


Group of stars is known as Nakshatra. There are 27 nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has 4 Charan. Addition of 9 charan makes one Rashi or sun sign. The Names of 27 nakshatras are as follows - 1. Ashwani, 2.Bharani, 3.Krattika 4.Rohini 5.Mragshira 6.Adra 7.Punarvasu 8.Pushya 9.Ashlesha 10.Magha 11.Purvafalguni 12.Uttrafalguni 13.Hasta 14.Chitra 15.Swati 16.Vishakha 17.Anuradha 18.Jyeshtha 19.Mool 20.Purvashaad 21.Uttrashaad 22.Shravan 23.Ghanishtha 24.Shatbhisha 25.Purvabhadrapad 26.Uttrabhadrapad 27.Revti


In Panchang, Yog is made from the support of the sun and moon. There are 27 types of yoga. Their names are as follows - 1.Vishkumbh, 2. Preeti, 3.Ayushmaan, 4.Saubhagya, 5.Shobhan, 6.Atigand, 7.Sukarma, 8.Ghrati, 9.Shool, 10.Gand, 11.Vradhhi, 12.Dhruv, 13.Vyaghat, 14.Harshal, 15.Vadka, 16.Sidhhi 17.Vyatipaat, 18.Variyaan 19, Paridh, 20.Shiv, 21.Sidhha , 22. Sadhya, 23.Shubh, 24.Shukla, 25.Brahma, 26.Endra, 27.Vaighrati.


Half of tithi is known as Karan. One tithi has two Karan. Their names are as follows - 1.BAv, 2.Balav, 3.KAulav,4.Taitil,5.Gar,6. Vanijya,7. Vishti(Bhadra),8.Shakuni.9 Chatushpad, 10.Naag,11. Kinstughan

Looking for an auspicious muhurat from the panchang is an old tradition. On the basis of which we look for the muhurat for our important work.It is panchang which tells us the Shubhmuhurat. This Shubhmuhurat is based out of five important components. If any work is decided to be done on an auspicious or good time period, it is known as work done in Shubh Muhurat. Any work done not in shubh muhurat remains incomplete. ShubhYog is displayed in Panchang which is known as muhurat. There are five components responsible for a shubh muhurat which are given below.

Chandrama and Muhurat

Moon has a special significance for a Shubhmuhurat. To find out the position of Chandra, it should not be in fourth,eighth and twelfth position in the horoscope of the person. These positions are considered as unlucky and any auspicious work is avoided.

Amrit Yog

Sunday - Hast, Monday- Mragshira, sonyTuesday- Ashwani, Wednesday- Anuradha, Thursday- Pushya, Friday-Revti, Saturday - Rohini.

Above combination is known as Amrityog. Any work completed in the above yog is always considered very auspicious.

Ravi Pushya Yog

Combination of sunday and pushya nakshatra is known as Ravi pushya Yog. Any work done in this yog is completed successfully.

Guru Pushya Yog

On thursday if pushya nakshatra makes guru pushya yog, then it is considered very lucky for business.

Choghadiya Muhurat

Choghadiya Muhurat is adopted when any shubh muhurat is not available and there is urgency of doing any work. This muhurat is of 1 hour 30 minutes in which rahukaal is ignored .Muhurat like Labhamrit and Shubhchanchal are known as Choghadiya Muhurat.

Abhijit Muhurat

This muhurat is formed on the basis of the local time zone between 11:45 am - 12:15 pm. Abhijit muhurat is also find out in the absence of any other shubh muhurat

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Today's Tithi

According to Astrology, Tithi means to measure the distance between the sun and the moon. The distance between the sun and the moon or the distance that forms between them is called the Tithi.

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Shubh Muhurat

In Hindu religion Shubh Muhurat is always decided before starting any work. Whenever we want to do any work,we look for the favourable position of nakshatra and Chandrama to get the Shubh Muhurat so that we can get fruitful results. Any work without shubh muhurat is not considered lucky. According to astrology, work done according to Shubh Muhurat always gives lucky results, whereas work done against the shubh muhurat gives unfavourable results due to which it has its own importance. In Hindu calendar muhurat has its own place wherein Panchang everyday hazards on muhurat.

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Rahu Kaal

As specified from the name ,RahuKaal is not suitable for doing any work. If you look at the image of RahuKaal then there is a snake on head. This name itself clarifies that this time is not suitable for humans.

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Today's Karna

The Karan has a special importance inside the Panchang. You must know of this fact that without the Karan, an auspicious muhurat is neither made nor seen.

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Today's Nakshatra

The universal path around the sun in the sky is called the Kranti Vrat, the planets and the cycles are seen moving around it, there are 12 groups of light beams (prakash punj) in the Kranti Vrat and these are called the zodiac signs.

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Today's Vaar

Panchang is considered  day wise. There are seven days in Panchang - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. All the days of a week are considered as war. Time.

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Today's Yog

There are five important elements in Panchang in which one of them is Yog. Yog is decided with the help of the moon and sun. The Yog in which a person is born has the qualities accordingly.

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In english language Tyohaar is known as a Festival. Festival plays a very important role in Hindu religion and all other religions across India. Festivals symbol of happiness and joy which brings cheerfulness in life.

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