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Numerology works in the boundary of numbers between no.1 to 9. Each number has its Strength and weakness. Each person is governed by a number which is decided at the time of his birth. That number decides the behavior, personality and work profile of the person. Factors like Information about business, age of fortune rise, right people to get in partnership with, relationship quality with your spouse can be found through your number. To get information about above you must know your number as per numerology.

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Numerology works in the boundary of numbers between no.1 to 9. Each number has its Strength and weakness. Each person is read more...


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Numerology works in the boundary of numbers between no.1 to 9. Each number has its Strength and weakness. Each person is read more...


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About Numerology

 As we all know that the desire to know about a future is very strong in human beings, and it is not that this desire has arrived in the human Minds today, if it had happened so, then astrological science would not have emerged thousands years ago. From the beginning of the time, this desire has been there in the minds of human beings to know about its future so that he gets to know what is hidden for him in the coming time and what are the factors behind it and also what is happening in the present. Let you tell you that there are many moods of knowing

The horoscope which is present among us- this includes Janam Kundali, Prashna Kundli, Ramal Shastra, Lal Kitab, Bhringu samhita, palm reading, Samudra Shastra,tarot reading and numerology.

The numerology of Astrology and Horoscope is one such science which is certainly found in some or the other form in the above mentioned. Numerology is an effective method of predicting the future which has been in use for years. With the help of numerology you can get the desired benefits not only in your daily life but also in your personal life. It is said and believed in numerology that if a person gets a positive direction from his energy then definitely he will be seen attaining his desired success in life. Let you tell you that the most important and fascinating feature of numerology is that it does not have the difficulties of mathematics as

such in astrology. In numerology we do not require any Panchang, horoscope or other things to assess the future of a person. You must know that all the information can be obtained only from the birth date of a person.

Let you tell you that numerology is said to be the most ancient science of the world. The numbers always had a deep connection with our lives. Just as an auspicious time is seen in numerals, time is also in numbers and there are also numbers in our date of birth as well. This is the reason why the game of these numbers is the most unique in this universe. You will keep thinking as these numbers will always have their creation and roles around your life. These simple looking numbers play a strange game in which we and you consider it to be coincidental. This mode of knowing the horoscope has been very easy as many people do not know their time of birth so it is difficult to make a horoscope in a proper way. In such cases one can easily understand and know about their intelligence, power etc through the help of numerology. Along with this numerology can also remove the veil hidden secrets of One's future.


How does numerology work

 Each one of you is born between the 1st and 31st of the English date. Every date has many digits in it. If you look at all these dates separately then you will notice that each number is very different from the other. In numerology 9 planets have been mentioned for all these numbers or numerology. Do you know which these nine planets are? Let’s first talk about the planets and then we shall talk about the points on numbers. These nine planets are Sun moon Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. All these planets are the Gods of some of the other digits. Sun is the swami of digit one, moon is of digit 2, Jupiter is of 3, Rahu is of digit 4, Venus is the Swami of digit 6, Ketu is the Swami of digit 7, Saturn is of digit 8 and Mars is the Swami of digit 9. From the child’s date of birth, one digit becomes a special number and gets attached to his/her life. The nature and behavior of that child, which area after fashion will he go, what are his chances of success, all such questions and curiosity can be answered by numerology.

Now comes the question: how does this numerology work? Let you tell you that with the help of your birth date, if we add the numbers of your birth date we must get a Driver Number (moolank) out of it. if the Driver Number is taken out correctly from the date of birth of the person, then with the help of it we can know the qualities of the person to a great extent and also about his behavior.


How the Driver Number is taken out


Before drawing out the Driver Number, it is important to know what you mean by Driver Number.(moolank) the Driver Number is the number all the digit that is formed according to

the date of birth. For example, if a person is born on the 1st date, his Driver Number will be

number 1 virus if a person is born on the 28 date, even then his Driver Number will be the

same. Simply speaking, the sum of a person’s date of birth is called its Driver Number. In the

numerology, only the digits 1 to 9 are important. On the basis of which Ankush

Shastra is created and these numbers have different Grah Swamis.


Let us now know how to take out a Driver Number. First of all you have to write your date

of birth on a piece of paper and notice that if your birth date is in one digit or two digits. If you date of birth falls on the 1st to 9th of any month, in such cases your read X is your birth date itself but those who are born between 10th to 30th or 31st, then they have to take out the Driver Number by adding both the digits of the date of birth.


Let me make it more clear with the help of some examples-

If your date of birth is 7 in a month then-


0 + 7 = 7

Your Driver Number is 7

If a person is born on 14th of a month, then

1 + 4 = 5

So the radius of this person is 5. Similarly a radius is fixed for each and every

person born on any month and date.


Driver Number date (Moolank Taarik)


Driver Number Date


Driver Number- 1 1,10,19,28

Driver Number - 2 2, 11,20,29

Driver Number - 3 3,12,21,30

Driver Number - 4 4,13,22,31

Driver Number - 5 5,14,23

Driver Number - 6 6,15,24

Driver Number - 7 7,16,25

Driver Number - 8 8,17,26

Driver Number - 9 9,18,27


How is the horoscope made in numerology with the help of date of birth

 It is common that many people may wonder how one's future can be predicted through the help of numbers but it is universally proven that to numerals also once behavior, occupation was married life etc can be accurately predicted. As every digit represents our planet and their properties and demerits affect the person from time to time. The planets whose position and direction have a favorable effect on the person, that person will have all the properties of that

planet. Whereas when the planets move towards the opposite direction, they can also so have the opposite effects on that person. Therefore, numerology also predicts the future in a simple and precise way. It would not be wrong to say that the numbers have always been a specific part of a person’s life. In numerology it is a unique method to anticipate the future events by subtracting and adding numbers.

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