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Retrograde Mars

Often you must have heard that the planets are changing their position and going into a retrograde position which ruins the life of the people who get affected by this process but there are some planets which impact the life of people in a positive way. Today, we will firstly tell you what a retrograde planet is, as well as will tell you what is the effect on the life of people when Mars is retrograde.

What does mean a planet retrograde

When the planet in the Sun Sign starts moving in the opposite direction, the behaviour of such a planet becomes fierce. And this process of the planet to move in the opposite direction is called Vakri.

Retrograde Mars Effects on Human life

When Mars is retrograde in any Sun Sign, It impacts the life of people in a negative way. The person is being irritable, suspicious and high tempered.

When Mars is retrograde, laziness can be clearly seen in the person. He will not be able to perform any task properly. Sometimes he would not be able to control his senses and would go out of control.

When Mars is in retrograde position, it affects 12 houses in different ways of Kundli. Let us know the impact of retrograde Mars in all the 12 houses.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali First House

When Mars retrograde in the first house such a person starts telling a lie to everyone and take interest into opposite sex. In such a person level of arrogance has to increase and thinks themselves as superior to others.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Second House

When Mars retrograde in the second house it makes the person motivated to do wrong deeds. In such a situation the person taking interest in having an extra marital affair becomes habitual to unnecessary facilities. Not only this, he starts ignoring family and friends.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Third House

In this house retrograde mars makes a person forget to respect everyone including family members he starts fighting with all. Such person doesn't care about discipline and becomes arrogant.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Fourth House

Being in the fourth house mars makes the person angry and persistent. And fighting with parents becomes his nature. Such a person does not like to talk to his friends because he becomes arrogant and tries to humiliate other people.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Fifth House

Retrograde Mars in the fifth house is considered to be the most dangerous because in such a situation a person starts taking interest in unlawful acts. It has been seen that a person has to go through the toughest time of his life and sometimes reputation suddenly vanishes.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Sixth House

The Retrograde Mars of this house increases the health related problems. Many times it has been noticed major illnesses last longer in life.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Seventh House

When Mars retrograde in the seventh house it has started giving financial problems in life. Business partnership starts falling apart. People start thinking about taking revenge or cheating. Financial crisis increases day by day. The person traps into illegal matters and cannot find the way out of it.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Eighth House

The Mars of retrograde position makes people mentally weak. The people start taking everything seriously and think too much. Situation gets worse that people could not bear the sorrow. Respect or reputation can be seen going downward in society. Person feels lack of confidence in doing anything.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Ninth House

In the ninth house, retrograde Mars makes people behave deceitive. During this time people start trying to cheat or make money from unreasonable acts. Mars of this house gets the person distracted from the target.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Tenth House

Mars of the tenth house gets distracted and due to this people could not concentrate on their work. From time to time some problem comes in the way to study. Students can be seen having verbal fights with seniors or teachers. The energy can be seen totally wasted.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Eleventh House

Retrograde Mars of the eleventh house does not allow to make friendship with good people. Ironically, whom people make good relations with but unfortunately the relations does not last longer. People like to get along with others but don't get responses from the other side.

Retrograde Mars in Kundali Twelfth House

The retrograde Mars of this house gets effects on the routine of people and compels the people to get angry. People always ready to fight and it affects health too.


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