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Tarot Minor Arcana

There are 56 cards in a set of 78 cards which counted under the Minor Arcana Tarot Card. These cards are a very important role in tarot. Out of these 56 cards, 40 cards are spoken as pure minor arcana while 16 are counted as Royal Arcana or Court cards. The Major Arcana card tells about major events of life, while the Minor Arcana cards give a glance into smaller but important matters. The Minor Arcana card has four parts which are as follows

The Suits of Swords - The mental and intellectual ability, judgment and insight, The Suits of Cups - related to heart, love, and care, The Suits of Wands - How we use our power and life, energy in different stages of our life and finally, The Suites of Pentacles - tells about our hard work and reward.


  • Ace of Cups
  • Two of Cups
  • Three of cups
  • Four of cups
  • Five of cups
  • Six of cups
  • Seven of cups
  • Eight the cups
  • Nine of cups
  • Ten of cups


  • Ace of PentaclesAce of Pentacles
  • Two of pentaclesTwo of pentacles
  • Three of pentaclThree of pentacles
  • Four of pentacleFour of pentacles
  • Five of pentacleFive of pentacles
  • Six of pentaclesSix of pentacles
  • Seven of PentaclSeven of pentacles
  • Eight the pentaEight the pentacles
  • Nine of pentacleNine of pentacles
  • Ten of pentaclesTen of pentacles


  • Ace of SwordsAce of Swords
  • To of swordsTo of swords
  • Three of sworThree of swords
  • Four of SwordFour of swords
  • Five of swordFive of swords
  • Six of swordsSix of swords
  • Seven of SworSeven of swords
  • Eight of swoEight of swords
  • Nine of swordNine of swords
  • Ten of swordsTen of swords


  • Ace of WandsAce of Wands
  • Two of WandsTwo of Wands
  • Three of WanThree of Wands
  • Four of WandFour of Wands
  • Five of WandFive of Wands
  • Six of WandsSix of Wands
  • Seven of WanSeven of Wands
  • Eight Of WanEight Of Wands
  • Nine of WandNine of Wands
  • Ten of WandsTen of Wands


  • 1.1 - Ace of Cups - This card indicates a new home, family, opportunities, social status, and life, desires, aim, spirituality, love, tenderness, susceptibility-related thoughts etc.

  • 1.2 - Two of cups - This card works in the field of love we can say in other words it is a lover card. Love, friendship, romance, marriage, enthusiasm, feeling, beauty-related matters can be seen through this card.

  • 1.3 - Three of Cups - This card helps to know about the matter related to marriage, ceremony, the birth of a new life, pleasure, success, new venture, completion, gratification, etc.

  • 1.4 - Four of Cups - This card affects the positive side of new job options, new business ventures, and skill development, etc.

  • 1.5 - Five of cups - With the help of this card prediction can easily be made about relationship turmoil, development, disrespect, sorrows, etc.

  • 1.6 - Six of Cups - With the effect of this card you will be seen making new relationships. As well as new additions in the family, enhancement, protection, solidarity, etc will be seen in life.

  • 1.7 - Seven of cups - This card represents dreams and desires. Dreams, beauty, enthusiasm, originality, serenity, learning, etc are affected by this card.

  • 1.8 - Eight of cups - This card emphasizes the idea of being patient in adverse conditions. If you lose your temper, that will not go in favour of you. It also represents sentimental, material and physical related matters.

  • 1.9 - Nine of Cups - This card brings a positive effect of spiritual and mental in life. Health-related problems can be seen decreasing. As well as, you may get desired success and wealth.

  • 1.10 - Ten of cups - Through this card family life, calmness, gratification, and magnification-related things can be predicted. As well as pleasure, fortune, success, and relationships matters also affected by this card.


  • 1.1 - Ace of Pentacles- This card gives access to look into the matter related to workability joy, enthusiasm, new beginnings, and affluence. As well as, new addition or fertility, imagination, temper, and vision-related things can be predicted with the help of this card. But, this card also brings a negative impact in life just like physical loss, cheat, phobia, etc.

  • 2.2 - Two of Pentacles- With the help of this card courage, belief, new venture, planning, and life events related can be easily known. But it has some demerits too just like confusion, suspicion, and disloyalty.

  • 2.3 - Three of Pentacles - This card helps to be known about activation, persistence, assessment, and attempt. This card also helps in starting a new venture or beginning.

  • 2.4 - Four of Pentacles - With the effect of this card financial matters are solved easily. New investment plans take place as well as it turns into good monetary gains.

  • 2.5 - Five of Pentacles - This card shows that you may have to experience a financial crunch, lack of success, health issues, defeat. Due to this card, your life can be full of struggle.

  • 2.6 - Six of Pentacles - This card helps to be known about moderation, leniency, charity, sensibility, gain, and success. This card provides positivity to you so all expected gains can be obtained by you easily.

  • 2.7 - Seven of Pentacles - This card gives a positive attitude and courage to start a new beginning. You can be seen fighting against the odds and getting success at last.

  • 2.8 - Eight of Pentacles - This card shows the positive side of life and encourages you to follow the good things in life like coaching, stimulation, investment, beneficiation, and achievement.

  • 2.9 - Nine of Pentacles - With the help of this card, such things as regimentation, self-confidence, self-control, faith, endurance, self-reliance related can be predicated. This card has other qualities like mind, intelligence, etc.

  • 2.10 - Ten of Pentacles - This card brings prosperity, protection, fortune, etc in life. But this card has a negative side too, as result there is a chance you may have to face investment-related problems.


  • 3.1 - Ace of Swords - Due to this card a person has to face tough times. But, Determination and hard work help the person so soon he can be seen getting success at last.

  • 3.2 - Two of Swords - This card brings balance in life and problems can be solved cannily so that leads the life towards happiness and peace.

  • 3.3 - Three of Swords - This card shows love, compassion, endurance, prudence related to matters. Along with this, it also can be known by this card that you will firmly stand against tough times.

  • 3.4 - Four of Swords - With the help of this card it can be said that your life is going to be busy at the social level. As well as, health issues may give you tough times. A lot can be predicted about financial problems by seeing this card.

  • 3.5 - Five of Swords - By this card easily can be predicted about loss, arrogance, swindle, and loot, etc. There is a piece of advice for you that distance should be maintained from these things.

  • 3.6 - Six of Swords - With the help of this card, it can easily be said that after a long time you will be getting success. There will be peace, harmony, and comfort in your life.

  • 3.7 - Seven of Swords -This card gives a strong sign that a new beginning will be started by you. As well as, It emphasizes the idea of hard work and says if you do not get the desired results at the starting so do not get disheartened, keep working hard. Your determination or hard work will be rewarded in the near future.

  • 3.8 - Eight of Swords- This card shows such things that might happen in your life as lack of options, hindrances, disappointment, uncertainty, etc. As well as, you have to be careful in the near future otherwise you may have to face some obstacles.

  • 3.9 - Nine of Swords- A long span of struggle can be seen through the help of this card. It indicates that after bearing so much pain you are going to enjoy success and all your desires will be fulfilled. All kinds of fear and assumptions will go away from your mind.

  • 3.10 - Ten of Swords - With the help of this card’s influence all your old problems will vanish soon. Those matters that were giving you a tough time for long will be sorted out. So, your life will be seen full of happiness and joy.


  • 4.1 - Ace of Wands - This card of the suit has been mentioned as an important and influential card. A new beginning of the venture, a fresh start of life, a new addition in the family, enthusiasm, aim, spirituality, willpower, confidence, strength, gratification, love, compassion, fertility, and danger can be seen through this card.

  • 4.2 - Two of the Wands - Through this card research, cooperation, reality, excursion, aim, new idea, lifestyle, career, adventure, zeal, etc related prediction can be done.

  • 4.3 - Three of Wands - With the help of this card about such things can be known as monetary gains, perspective, spiritual knowledge, bravery, achievement, daring, vocation, leadership, entity, etc.

  • 4.4 - Four of Wands - This card represents the idea related to marriage, adventure, success, development, liberty, serenity, belief, etc.

  • 4.5 - Five of Wands - The card brings a positive impact in an attempt, enthusiasm, boldness, gains, endurance, ambition, sobriety, work, etc. related things in life.

  • 4.6 - Six of Wands - The card can bring out the positive side of success, leadership, planning, journey, ambition, confidence, etc in your life.

  • 4.7 - Seven of Wands - This card represents thoughts related to the collision, competition, obstacle, aggression, lack of willpower, etc. As well as, energy, bravery-related things can also be known through this card.

  • 4.8 - Eight of Wands - Through the influence of this card mental and physical growth can be seen in the person. As well, travel, energy-related things, and planning can also be known by the card. It easily can be said about the card it is a positive card.

  • 4.9 - Nine of Wands - The card predicts health, self-reliance, patience, strength, energy at the vast level. As well, It can easily find out the secret enemies.

  • 4.10 - Ten of Wands- With the positive impact of this card, you can achieve a higher position. This card also brings out bad habits in you like ego, jealousy, and condemnation but you should try to keep away yourself from these things.

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