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Birthday worship

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For every person, there is one day and date which becomes very important throughout his life. Your birthday will be most special for you too because you may forget any day of the year but it will be impossible for you to forget your birthday. Not only this, but you also remember the birthdays of those who are close to you. Regardless of age, it is common to celebrate a Birthday. But in Sanatana Dharma, on the day of birth, one is motivated to do some virtuous work. It is believed that we should thank God for that day and pray to forgive our evil deeds. We can remember God on this special day by performing religious events, Katha, Kirtan, Bhajan Sandhya or narrating the story of his Satyanarayana. By sitting in front of the Lord for some time and meditating on them so that the obstacles coming in life can be removed and we are inspired to move forward on our path of life with new energy and strength. There is no other good day than your birthday to do this.

If you too want to do any religious event, puja recitation and any work dedicated to God on your birthday or for your child or for any close relative, then you can contact Astro Only today.

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