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Mercury Transit

Mercury is considered to be a very important planet inside the kundali. This planet is very bright due to its proximity to the Sun. The most special thing about the planet Mercury is that this planet is seen around the Sun. It has been mentioned in astrology that it can never go more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. At the same time, it has also been described as the smallest planet of the solar planet. A person's intelligence, discretion, occupation, his speech, beauty, happiness, success all depend on Mercury. If the planet Mercury is sitting in a good place in the horoscope of the person and is seated with the right amount, then such a person appears to be commercially successful. At the same time, with the help of his speech, he seems to be achieving much success. Speaking sweet is the main quality of such a person and with the help of this quality, he is seen to be successful. Such people whose Mercury planets are powerful in their horoscope, they are intellectuals, pundits, are knowledgeable of Vedas and such people in the society get full respect.

Work related to banks, financial institutions, accountancy, journalism, printing press, crafts, art building construction, bookseller, dairy farming, chemical industry, workshops, automobile parts etc. are mentioned with this planet. In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury has also been given the rank of prince.

Strong Mercury Planet in Horoscope

If Mercury is present in a kundali of a person with a very powerful and right position, then such a person is seen to be a successful businessman. At the same time, such a person is seen achieving success in business as well. Speaking sweet is the main quality of such persons and there are very few enemies of such natives. In the kundali, if Mercury is with the planets, Guru, Venus and the Moon, it is seen to give a lot of auspicious results, but while being with Mars, Ketu, Saturn, Rahu and Sun, this Mercury also gives inauspicious results. . Mercury is the owner of the planets Gemini and Virgo. Virgo has its high zodiac and in Pisces it is low. The planet Mercury has been considered as a factor of logic, dialogue. Sun and Venus are friends of Mercury while Moon and Mars are said to be their enemies.

Mercury influence

Mercury is said to be good in the lagna. The person is physically very beautiful, whose Mercury is present in his ascendant. The age of such natives is seen growing very slowly or they say that they look younger than their age, their eyes are very bright. By nature such natives are quite clever. Intellectually, they are quite wealthy and skilled. Also, they are seen doing difficult tasks easily. Such people also appear to be successful commercially. It is their nature to do more than one business and it is seen earning money from many sources.

Strong Mercury in Horoscope

If the Mercury is powerful in the kundali, such a person is seen winning the heart of anyone on the basis of his speech and his words. Such people earn a lot of name inside communication and appear to be successful. His intelligence seems to be working fast. If Mercury is strong in the horoscope then the person lives longer.

Weak mercury inside the horoscope

Due to weak Mercury in kundali, many problems have to be faced. Such individuals are not able to succeed commercially and keep facing the loss again and again in business. These people also have to struggle in the field of jobs. Their grip on language is weak and they also appear mentally weak.

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Mercury Transit

Mercury is considered to be a very important planet inside the kundali. This planet is very bright due to its proximity to the Sun. The most special thing about the planet Mercury is that this planet is seen around the Sun.

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Ketu Transit

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Mars Transit

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In english language Tyohaar is known as a Festival. Festival plays a very important role in Hindu religion and all other religions across India. Festivals symbol of happiness and joy which brings cheerfulness in life.

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