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Numerology Number 2

Numerology works in the boundary of numbers between no.1 to 9. Each number has its Strength and weakness. Each person is governed by a number which is decided at the time of his birth. That number decides the behavior, personality and work profile of the person. Factors like Information about business, age of fortune rise, right people to get in partnership with, relationship quality with your spouse can be found through your number. To get information about above you must know your number as per numerology.


According to numerology, persons born on 1,10,19,28 in any month are governed by number 1. Their master planet is the Sun which also governs Leo due to which they have sun-like qualities.


1. Hard working. Do not lose motivation and keep moving towards their goal. Achieve whatever they want on the basis of hard work and dedication.

2. They look for stability in their life, thus take all decisions intelligently whether related to their business or job. They behave maturely in their relations too.

3. They are born leaders and have the tendency of taking up the responsibilities and completing the work with maturity and responsibility and get the success.

4. They have a quality of innovation in every work which they do. They like to do every work differently.

5. Being an all rounder and happy go nature they mark their impression in a group of people due to which they become famous and talk of the town.

You Need to Avoid

1. You do not give importance to other people and you believe in yourself only. You do not follow guidelines of other people. You need to change this nature and respect other advice too.

2. You do not like to follow a daily routine and discipline. You can make other people understand the benefits of discipline and need to follow in your personal life too.

3. You do not like other people moving ahead then you. In order to defeat them you follow the policy of by hook or crook which is actually not good for your personal and professional life. So you need to follow ethics in competition.

4. To maintain an impression in the society you over spend your money, only for your fake prestige. You need to stay away from this habit and should follow financial management.

5. Your aggression always overshadows your intelligence and relations. You become out of control in arguments and fight and try to harm others by your cruel words but it harms you because your aggression and anger results in the breakup of your relationship. You need to take control of your anger.

Luck days- Sunday and Monday

Lucky Numbers- 8, 10,22,26,28

Lucky Color- Yellow, Golden, light almond color

Profession- Work related to Electricity, Jewelry making and selling, doctor, work related to water

God- Sun

Friendly number - 2,3,7,9

Favorable direction- East

Famous Personalities- Lata Mangeshkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Indira Gandhi
According to numerology, persons born on 2,11,20,29 in any month are governed by number 2. The master planet of number 2 is Chandrama or Moon and this is the master planet of cancer sun sign due to which they have calmness like the Moon.


1. You are known as a person who believes in truth. You always believe in the principle of speaking truth. You identify liars very easily and always maintain a distance from them.

2. You believe in helping others. You are always eager to solve the differences of your relatives or nearby people.

3. You have an attractive personality. You can easily impress other people with your thoughts and communication. You always love your partner without expecting anything in return.

4. You like to play with words. You have interest over art and writing. You like to remain in thoughts and imagination which brings creativity in your writing

5. By nature you are compassionate, gentle with gestures of love for others. Unknown people become fans of you due to these habits.

You Need to Avoid

1. Agility of your nature creates difficulty in completion of your work. A pre decided routine or discipline makes your work difficult

2. Your emotional nature always harms you. People ditch you due to your noble behavior towards them.

3. There is a lack of leadership in your nature. This trait makes your own decision making power weak and you obey and follow other's decisions.

4. You feel hesitation in saying no to others which puts you in problems. You agree to do anything in spite of your lack of knowledge which puts you in dilemma in future.

5. Lack of confidence puts you in trouble and you fear to take self decisions. Due to over thinking and self doubt, the opportunity slips out from your hands.

Lucky Days- Monday, Friday, Sunday

Lucky Date-9, 11, 16,18,10,13

Lucky Color-White, Green, Light and Dark Green Color

Business- Acting, Music, Dance, Singing, Hotel related work

God- Shiv and Parvati

Favorable Number- 1,3,7,9

Lucky Direction - Vayavya

Famous Personalities - Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Lal Bahadur Shastri.
As per Numerology, persons born on 3,12,21,30 in any month are governed by number 3. The master planet of number 3 is Jupiter and it also governs Sagittarius and Pisces. The effect of Jupiter makes the person confident and mature.


1. You are born leaders. You are confident enough to complete any task on your own.

2. You are very fond of education. Expert in Philosophy and Writing. You like to advise other people and help other people by solving their problems.

3. Self determined person. Start any work before proper planning and keep on trying to complete the successful completion of tasks.

4. Always aware of Branded Clothes, Big house and recognition in society. You like to achieve all these and work accordingly.

5. You can easily understand the intention of other people. You own a lot of advice and suggestions for others. Always ready to help others.

You Need to Avoid

1. Stay away from selfish people and who can deceit you.

2. Try to adopt a healthy diet. You are unable to control yourself after looking at delicious food which leads to obesity.

3. You have the tendency of selfishness and you think about yourself. To protect your rights you ignore others.

4. You become egoist after achieving success and respect in society which cost you in your relations. Try to stay away from this behavior.

5. You flow in emotions in love and relations which results in despair. Understanding reality is beneficial for your future.

Lucky Day - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Date - 3,12,21,30

Lucky Color - Yellow, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Golden

Profession - Lawyer, Journalist, Consultant, Actor, Police

God - Lord Vishnu

Lucky Number - 4, 5, 8

Direction - North, South, West

Famous Personalities- Dr Rajendra Prasad, Swami Vivekanand, Shammi Kapoor
According to numerology, persons born on 4, 13, and 22 of any month are governed by number four. Its master planet is Rahu. Rahu is directly connected with the Sun due to which it is also known as the Shadow planet and it also affects Leo and Scorpio. Due to which there are lots of ups and downs in their life.


1. They are against injustice and always ready to ask for justice for friends.

2. You do not like to work in a traditional way. You are always ready to break the traditional norms and set up the new rule. You are always eager for innovation.

3. You are cool and calm by nature. Aggression is not your nature. Always deal with patience and solve any matter with intelligence and maturity.

4. You have lots of friends and hold the relations due to your nature.

5. You are honest towards your work and believe in simplicity. Believe in working any work strategically and do not like to show off.

You Need to Avoid

1. It is not easy for you to solve clashes of thoughts due to which misconception wakens your relationship and increases your enemies.

2. Making quick decisions is not easy for you. Taking time in reaching up to a decision results in slipping away from opportunities.

3. Your logical power is very high but doing arguments is not favorable everywhere. It can adversely affect the situation. You should stay away from backbiting.

4. You are very fond of listening to your talent and praise, which leads to bitterness with people. You should maintain the habit of praising others.

5. You are loyal to your work. You always prefer work over relations which weaken your relations. You should give equal preference to both work and family.

Lucky Day - Sunday,Monday,Friday

Lucky Date- 1,4,8,19,22,26

Lucky Color- Blue and Light Blue

Profession - Designer, Technician ,Air force, Work related to electricity

God- Lord Ganesh

Lucky Number - 5,6,8

Lucky Direction - North East, North West

Famous Personalities - Barack Obama, Sarojini Naidu, Preity Zinta.
According to numerology, persons born on 5,14,23 of any month are governed by number 5. Its master planet is Jupiter. Virgo and Gemini are also governed by Jupiter. Due to which these people have the qualities of shop memory and enthusiasm in their life.


1. People with high intelligence. Have deep knowledge of business and have the tendency to complete any work. They make the strategy after analyzing both positive and negative sides.

2. Giving their advice on any issue and working on any planning is in their best interest. You don't like to indulge yourself in thought processes.

3. They have a good combination of High moral, courage and strength. They don't lose their courage in adverse situations. Keep on moving forward until the completion of their work and planning.

4. They respect the importance of time and don't like to waste their time. They like to keep themselves busy in creative work.

5. They are of Jolly nature. I don't like to remain for a long time. They make their impression among people and make the environment joyful.

You Need to Avoid

1. You don't let people come near to you with whom you are angry, whether they are your relatives or friends. You should avoid this because maintaining good relations is very important in life.

2. You don't let yourself down in case of failure. In fact you start working on other projects. While doing this you energy and time get wasted so you need to build a patience quality in your nature.

3. You are very fond of learning new things and skills. But these habits cost you many times. You should stay away from social evils.

4. You don't believe in planning and want to do any work instantly. I really cost you a lot.

5.You take the responsibility of completing two or more projects at a time to utilize your time. Due to more work load, more than your capacity you overlook your health.

Lucky day- Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky date- 3,5,12,15,21,27

Lucky colour -Green, White, contrast colours

Occupation- Insurance,Banking, Politics,Translation ,Transport,Business related to books

God- lord Vishnu

Lucky number- 1,6

Lucky direction- East

Famous personalities- NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose, LokmanyaTilak, Abhishek Bachchan
According to numerology, persons born on 6,15,24 in any month are governed by number 6. Its master planet is Venus. Taurus and Libra are also governed by Venus. Due to which people having these sun signs have the qualities of attraction and prosperity in their life.


1. You have a charming personality. People never forget you after meeting. Detect the initiative for doing friendship with you. Your presence increases the charm of any party or function. Due to your Jolly nature you can make any environment joyful and cheerful.

2. Duty of communication skills you can easily get the thoughts of any person.

3. You like to live in a civilized society. You have a good interest in art related fields.

4. It is necessary for you to stay away from fights and arguments. You are always ready to help others and you can't see anyone in difficulties.

5. Instead of yourself you take care of the people and try to solve the problem of people around you.

You Need to Avoid

1. You get bored easily. You are always in search of new things due to which you feel problems working in one place.

2. You like personal grooming a lot which includes physical appearance ,clothes etc. Branded clothes and items attack you and give waste most of their time in the stops.

3. You don't take care of help much due to which you face hurdles related to your health.

4. You like to get surrounded by the people. But you need to take care that people will not always be there with you in every situation so you need to be self dependent also.

5. Try to bring positivity in your thoughts. Situation changes with the time and you need to change also.

Lucky day- Tuesday ,Thursday, Friday

Lucky date- 3,6,9,24,27

Lucky colour- Blue and sky blue, Dark Pink

Profession- Clothes,Jewelry selling, Story writer, Acting, Direction,Business related to hotel

God- Goddess Laxmi and Durga

Lucky Number - 3,9

Lucky Direction - North East and North West

Famous personalities- Rabindranath Tagore, Dalai Lama, Guru Nanak Dev
According to Numerology, persons born on 7,16,25 in any month are governed by number 7. Its master planet is Ketu. It is also known as Shadow Planet. Ketu is directly related to Moon due to which people with number 7 have the traits of Imagination, patience, and flexibility.


1. Innovation in thoughts is your plus point. Capability of innovativeness is inside you.

2. You do not quit in spite of difficulties in the path. You keep on trying and get success.

3. There is imagination in your thoughts. You are independent in taking decisions. You don't lose originality of thoughts and do not mind in taking advice from others. Last decision of yours only.

4. You are always ready to help others and can't see anyone in any difficulty.

5. You can adjust yourself in any situation. You do not like to complain and accept the things as they are.

You Need to Avoid

1. You like change and do not believe in permanent or long term solutions which are not good for you. You should take the responsibility of completing any work.

2. You lose your motivation at the time of any hurdle in your life. You should follow patience and analyse the situation.

3.You are emotionally weak. People take benefit out of this and get their work done.

4. You lose control over your language and speak some harsh words due to which you regret later.

5. Due to customs and maintaining your dignity in society, you hide your problem with your closed ones. You should express your problems clearly.

Lucky Day Tuesday,Thursday,Sunday, Monday

Lucky Date- 7,16,25

Lucky Color- Green,Beige

Profession - Translator,Airforce,Tourism, Medical,Editor.

God- Lord Ganesha and Bhairav

Lucky Number - 1,3,2,9

Lucky Direction - North

Famous Personalities- Mahender Singh Dhoni, Katrina Kaif, AtalBihariVajpayee
As per Numerology, persons born on 8,17,26 of any month are governed by number 8. Master Planet is Saturn. Capricorn and Aquarius are also governed by Saturn due to which people having these sun signs have the traits of laziness, difficulties and delay in any work in their life.


1. You do not like to show off. You only like to focus on your work and want to show in society on the basis of your work.

2. Hard work and determination helps you to move ahead in life. You like to complete any work with full enthusiasm until its completion.

3. You do not like to express yourself in front of others and always ready to help others in spite of your own problems. You can not see the difficulty of any person.

4. You do not like to waste your time in useless stuff and do not believe in backbiting.

5. You aim for big goals. You like to sit on higher posts for which you try consistently.

You Need to Avoid

1. You hesitate to express yourself which makes an image of misconception in the mind of other people. You need to express yourself.

2. You do not like carelessness in doing any work. You usually become strict while getting any work done which disturbs your image. You should bring patience and sweetness in your behave,

3. Stay away from negativity, depression and sadness in your life. Do Yoga and Meditation regularly.

4.You give more priority to money over relations. You need to understand the importance of relations in life.

5. The more you will stay away from social evil, your life will be smooth and easy.

Lucky Day - Saturday,Wednesday

Lucky Date - 3,6,15,21,24,30

Lucky Color - Black,White,Blue

Profession - Iron, Language translator,Art,Technical profession

Lucky Number - 1,2,7,9

Lucky Direction - West

Famous Personality - Sourav Ganguly, Narendra Modi, Devanand
According to numerology, persons born on 9,18,27 are governed by number 9. Mars is the master planet of number 9. Aries and scorpio is also governed by number 9 due to which they have the traits of anger,courage,gallantry etc. in their life.


1. Courage is the basic quality in your nature. You never loose hope and .always ready to face challenges. Taking risk is always part of your work style.

2. Protecting your self respect is always your priority. It pushes you to move forward in your life. Being in Discipline and taking strict decisions is your working style. You never like carelessness.

3. You are self determined and hardworking who likes to do any work with proper planning. You follow a never quit approach in any work and keep on trying until successful completion.

4. You stay away from Show off and lying. Always ready to help others. You do not like liars or people with fake promise. You give support to the truth even if it puts you in a negative situation.

5. You are a quick decision maker and doer, who do not like to think or analyze much before doing any work.

You Need to Avoid

1. Anger is your biggest enemy. Doing any work in haste puts you in guilt after getting normal. You need to avoid taking these haste decisions.

2. Excess of everything is bad. So over confidence is also harmful. You take your thoughts and decisions for granted and become stubborn. It destroys the dignity of your relations too.

3. You have more enemies than friends. Maintaining the synergy and momentum is quite difficult for you but it is equally important in life.

4. You are emotional and soft hearted. But your nature of hiding your emotions makes your wrong image. You need to express yourself by communicating with others.

5. A Doubt can weaken trust in any relation. It is not necessary to doubt others to prevent deceit,fake promises and difficulties. Being courteous is necessary in any relation. Try to have patience and adopt positivity in your mind.

Lucky Day - Sunday,Monday,Tuesday

Lucky Date - 9,18,27

Lucky Color- Red,Pink,Light Pink

Profession - Fire related work, Police,Advocate and pharmacy.

God - Lord Hanuman and MaaJagdamba.

Friendly Numbers - 1,2,3,6,7

Lucky Direction - South

Famous Personalities- Akshay Kumar, ShashiKapoor, Guru Gobind Singh
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