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Mangal Dosh

KundaliThe Kundali helps a person to know his/her future. This helps us to know what are the auspicious and inauspicious things in our kundali, like what are the qualities and defects in our kundli. If there is a flaw in someone's horoscope then it becomes very important to take it out, otherwise there can be hurdles in the path towards success. The doses are all inauspicious things but there is one defect which gives both auspicious and inauspicious results. This defect / dosh is called Mangal Dosh.

Mangal dosh is such a defect that is both auspicious and inauspicious. A person is called a Manglik if he has the Mangal dosh in his kundli. If the Mangal dosh is in the horoscope of 1 2 4 7 8 or in the twelfth house then its effects are harmful. This type of horoscope is known as Manglik Dosh kundli. The Mangliks have to face a lot of problems at the time of the marriage. It Said that if one Manglik does not marry the other Manglik then there are chances that their marriage life will get disturbed. The parents provide many e measures for their Manglik children so that they do not have to face any problem in life.

The Mangal is said to be auspicious when Mars is in Aries ascendant (lagna) with the sun or in the fourth house with Shani, then in such a situation, a Mangal person can attain wealth, property and all other happiness. So let's now I know some symptoms and remedies for Manglik dosh-

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The Inauspicious signs of Mangal dosh-

1. There are always quarrels between the husband and the wife because of the Mangal dosh.
2. The people who are single have their marriage delayed.
3. The eyes are most affected by the effect of Mangal Grah.
4. The mannequins’ of a Manglik person are turned upwards.
5. Sometimes the vision gets very much reduced.
6. If Ketu or Mercury are along with mass then its effects are even worse.
7. People start feeling weak affected by Mangal dosh and the joints of their body functions less.
8. Due to this defect, there are very few marriage proposals available for the unmarried and even if the marriage takes place there is always a fear of breaking up.
9. The couples affected by Mangal dosha seem to disrespect Each Other after marriage.
10. Search people always suffer from headaches.

Prevention of the Mangal dosh-

A person who is affected by Mangal dosh should never consume Red Chilies.
You should wear a copper ring on the ring finger.
Put fire brick inside a pot and President it into a waterless place. Do this for every two months and the Mangal dosh will come to an end.
You must not travel alone, always be with someone or the other.
A Manglik should get married to another Manglik Kundli. If you do not find a Manglik person then it is better not to marry at all.
You must read the Hanuman Chalisa and offer Chloe in the Hanuman temple.
Always honor and respect your father and your gurus.
Eat Jaggery while going out and maintain distance from negative people.
If a Manglik girl is not found for a Manglik boy then the solution is such that the Manglik boy or girl should first be married to a banana or a Peepal Tree.
You must not get angry under any circumstances.
Feed Jaggery and chickpeas to the monkeys.
You must plant a red flower plant in your home.
Donate two handfuls of lentils (masoor dal) to a beggar on Tuesdays.
Put some funnels (sauf) in a red cloth in the room where you sleep.
So you must definitely try out beast remedies to remove all the inauspicious effects of Mangal dosh.

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